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Our motto: Semper Altius (Always Higher) is a clear sign where we want our students to be academically. We want all of our students to work up to their potential. Currently, Guardian Angel School is moving towards the implementation of the Core Curriculum Standards in Language Arts and Mathematics. These new standards offer a more rigorous curriculum. We follow the state standards in the rest of the subjects like Social Studies, Science, etc. Since the truth is one, and not relative to the subject matter, it is our philosophy that all subjects be permeated by our faith respecting the teachings of the Catholic Church.


Homework is an important aspect of learning where our students practice what they have learned at home to ensure mastery. It also helps students retain the skills and the content of what they have learned in the classroom.

All Guardian Angel students complete age-appropriate homework assignments. At the elementary school level, homework is a means of fostering a life-long love of learning. It develops the virtues of organization, responsibility and self-control. All of these virtues are necessary to be successful as students, and of course it is a powerful extension of classroom learning.

Free Tutoring

All our students are invited to stay after school to receive after school tutoring for free at least once a week.

Title I

This program focuses on bringing up to grade level students who lack some skills in reading and comprehension.

Math Programs

In the upper grades, our math program offers blended learning where students are placed at their skill level.

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